Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Revolution – Review Influenster 

Stoked to have these amazing Kat Von D products sent to me for review my Influenster! ​​

Unboxing video here:


​I’ve been a long time lover of just about everything KatVonD and I’m totally impressed with her edgy designs and amazing work ethic when it comes to bringing cruelty free products that truly deliver…Sooo here we go! 

 I wanna share three of my recent @katvondbeauty favs that I hope you’ll check out and end up loving too! 

1. Lock-It Setting Powder Brush

Is a…”loose powder brush for setting and perfecting the entire face. The sleek, stiletto handle was inspired by a witch’s broomstick, and its smooth, sturdy acrylic handles are weighted for an ergonomic grip and ultimate control” (isn’t that cool? I love the witches broom handle idea 🤓)

2. Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush 

“Its smaller head size nestles perfectly into the under eye area, and also concentrates coverage over blemishes and spots on the face. Symmetrical tapered bristles and an all-over and consistent, medium density delivers 360 degrees of precise, even blending….Designed for long-wear, high-pigment formulas, such as…the

3. Lock-It Concealer Créme, 

which is the third goodie that I wanted to share with you all….”it brightens the undereye area, covers blemishes, corrects discoloration, contours, and bakes. They offer extensive shade ranges and even includes a pure white, White Out, for dramatic highlighting and mixing into other shades to create custom tones.        

    Loaded with complexion-brightening pigments and ultra-nourishing Hydra-Boost Complex™, this formula is crease-proof and hydrating—ideal for the delicate under eye area” (and I love this part) “The artistry applicator was modeled after an artist’s paintbrush, with a tapered tip for precise corners and a wide base to efficiently coat larger areas”

~@Sephora @thekatvond

What’s not to love? 😍

(FYI I’m loving the new loose setting powder too, I’ll let you know my thoughts below!) ❤️ p.s. Thank you for sending these to me @influenster wearing @hudabeauty sanantha lashes and @patmcgrathreal flesh 2 lipstick (upcoming review coming 😉)

These two are an amazing combo! I am sooo happy with this concealer and I’m happy to say It’s blendable with great coverage and it’s great for highlighting under eyes and other highpoints of the face…with the concealer brush it’s a dream 🙂 
(Pic via Sephora.com)

I’m loving this brush! From the design (like an artist’s brush) to the super soft bristles shaped perfectly to get into every nook and cranny (where we all need some extra coverage) it is lovely to look at and is an awesome addition to my makeup arsenal. 

This brush is beautiful, fluffy, super soft and a total new fav of mine! So glad I was sent this to try, because from the gorgeous ergonomic handle (shaped like a witches broomstick – I love that) to the dome shared soft bristles it is so bomb especially when used with the loose setting powder. It creates a really gorgeous finish.

(Pic via Sephora.com)

The loose setting powder, is non drying but totally mattifying without catching on dry patches! I was amazed how it has this blurring effect without any chalkiness…sooo glad I was sent this for review…I’m actually hoping to try everything in the line now 🙂

(Pic via Sephora.com)

What can I say? I’m in love with Kat Von D Beauty’s design and recurrent theme of cruelty free amazing products that deliver with an edge. 

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Herbal Essences NAKED via Influenster- Loliloooo

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We all want gorgeous flowing, shiny, healthy hair…. I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary trial of the new Herbal Essences NAKED products…and I loved them!

The shampoo and conditioner are all about moisture. They both have a lovely scent mixing notes of crisp mint, rosemary, basil and lemon. It’s delicious! The scent for me was very androgynous and could work well for males or females…🍃🍋

The dry shampoo was a nice surprise…I have only used one other dry shampoo and was not impressed. This one by #herbalessences transformed my second day hair from showing signs of oiliness to fresh touchable hair without a white cast! When you’re in a rush this is a must have! I color treat my hair and washing every day equals damage and color loss so this was a godsend. The formula quickly absorbs oil leaving a fresh mint scent. It is made from natural tapioca and works beautifully to refresh and add volume when needed.

I’m so happy I received a full size of the dry shampoo from Influenster to try, but unfortunately I only got small sizes of the shampoo and conditioner…well, I guess it’s time to go pick up my full sizes of these goodies!

Until next time, flowy, shiny hair wished on you and fresh mint scent dreams!




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