Lip art passions – MBACosmetics and @shop_youareluminous previously known as Shop Fill the Soul septum ring


🎇@mbacosmetics lipstick in emerald and Fantasy Holographic Glitter-Flight Of The Pegasus @shopfillthesoul opal septum ring. 


This opal septum clip caught my eye as soon as I saw it and I HAD to have it! Such fire! 🔥 Shop Fill the Soul, now known as @shop_youareluminous is revamping their site, so stay tuned. ↗️click the link here to stay updated on when the new site will be up and running. It’s totally worth the visit. (Photo cred to Shop You are Luminous)


I have always had a passion for indie makeup and lip art, and this look was actually pretty quick to create. The base color is Emerald-a semi frost/metallic green.


Photo cred: MBACosmetics   

MBACosmetics describes it as “Maximum color payoff! …Color Rich Lipstick that is loaded with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for a nourishing & healing lipstick that delivers maximum color. This is not a sheer color, or a lip tint. If you are looking for intense color rich lipstick this is for you!” I totally agree!

Then for the glitter pattern over top I used Fantasy Holographic Glitter-Flight Of The Pegasus:

Photo cred: MBACosmetics   

This is a gorgeous silvery cosmetic grade glitter that reflects a rainbow of colors that was perfect for this look because it captured the lip color and septum ring opal colors as well.


Photo cred: MBACosmetics  

This is one of the gorgeous glitters available from their new Fantasy Holo-Glitter Collection. There has been some buzz that more selections will be added. Can’t wait! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 be sure to check out MBACosmetics for loads more goodies! 


  Photo cred: MBACosmetics   


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