Lip art time! – featuring BeautyBarBaby, Mehron and @shop_youareluminous formerly Shop Fill the Soul


🎨Artsy fun time with my @beautybarbaby goodies…totally not wearable, but boy was it fun to create! Sometimes you gotta just ride with the process and see what happens….and here ya go! 😁  

The first to hit my lippies was the matte liquid lipstick in Wicked from BeautyBarBaby. It’s a super matte, dark bruding purple and it rocks. There are a few other colors and those are amazing too…(photo cred BeautyBarBaby)  

Next was the unexpected glitter in psychedelic rainbow. Black shimmer with colorful surprise sparkles. Decadent…and I can’t wait to use it for a dramatic smokey eye 😍(photo cred BeautyBarBaby)


The bling bling glitter/eyeliner sealer was super helpful in getting the glitter to stay in place…those matte formulas are just that…matte, so this helped to adhere the glitter beautifully 👍🏻(photo cred BeautyBarBaby)


Mehron is one of my all time favorite go to companies for products, and they don’t disappoint here. This metallic powder in gold was the perfect topper to this over the top lip art. You can mix it with the bling bling sealer from BeautyBarBaby as I did, or the Mehron mixing liquid or even water! They come in silver, bronze and copper as well and they’re gorgeous! After that I just guilded the lily with some clear gloss…


Well…You all know how I love my accessories, and this @shopfillthesoul gold septum ring was simple and sparkly enough to finish the theme of sparkle and more sparkle 🙊lol (photo cred to Shop Fill the Soul) Shop Fill the Soul, now known as @shop_youareluminous is revamping their site, so stay tuned. ↖️click the link here to stay updated on when the new site will be up and running. It’s totally worth the visit. (Photo cred to Shop You are Luminous)



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