*Fun stuff in silly places…*

I had so much fun this past week finding some fun stuff in the silliest of places…..

1st stop on the list? Cracker Barrel:

First of all…let me be completely honest. I am obsessed with Cracker Barrel. It is my favorite restaurant and I can’t pretend it isn’t because of their little country store as soon as you walk in (their chicken and dumplings are amazeballs too!). While tinkering around the store and waiting to be seated look what I found!

mustache chalk board

OMG I died when I saw this! A mustache chalkboard you say? Yes! Totally in my kitchen right now….I have to thank my friend Blair for helping me to become obsessed with mustaches. She had an obsession and in looking out for mustaches for her, I in return became obsessed…Love, love, love mustaches!

elvis ornament

Elvis is in the building peeps….  The Elvis ornament…adorable…Danielle and I had to have this….well…hello…it’s Elvis…Who doesn’t want Elvis on their christmas tree? lol

alien fan mike

Ah Mike Wizowski from Monsters Inc…..A little somethin’ somethin’ to keep me cool….Throw in your purse and whip out when feverish…plus you can get a sugar fix with the candy on the bottom…what’s there not to love?

chatter teeth

The classic chatter teeth….had to get these for my lil’ man who adores anything that moves like crazy…Can you say fun stocking stuffer?

Tcrystal growing

Crystals….This looks so impossible we had to try it….I’ll take some pics once we attempt this…great stocking stuffer too!

All of these fun finds can be found at http://www.crackerbarrel.com/

2nd stop-Party City:

I know there are Party City lovers everywhere….but I found some unexpected goodies there….take a look!

lola with indian earring

Look at these pretty Indian inspired earrings…I know hey were meant for an Indian costume, but who says you can’t rock these for an everyday bohemian twist to an outfit? Love these and I get so many compliments me when I wear these…super affordable too!

man mustache lip balmwoman mustache lip balm

Mustache lip balms for him and her….stocking stuffer delights! I just had to…..

party city finds

As I have many obsessions, owls are one of them. I could not resist these owl lip balms and the owl contact lens cases….Aren’t they so colorful and cute?!?!?!?!?

The bacon magnet which is just made even more crazy cute with the mustache is for my lil’ man who looooooves him some bacon. The Monsters Inc. mini lunchbox is to hold some of my collection of lip glosses etc…..too charming to ignore. 🙂

bacon eggs earrings

Oh for the love of bacon…..This captivated the foodie in me….had to own and display….what a unique conversation starter….

All these silly finds can be located at http://www.partycity.com/

Last but not least the 3rd stop was Ross:

Ross rocks…the end….lol

But truly it does…These are some Xmas decorations we found at Ross and thought were fun to share…Gotta go to the store though, but who cares? That’s half the fun right?

merry christmas front door

What a great message this season…I dig these Keep Calm sayings…Some hilarious and others soooo true….

christmas doorknob

This made me smile and spruces up the doorknob a bit…

Tblog natural wing eyeliner

Well those are my fun things found in silly places for the holidays. Hope you had fun coming along with me…Enjoy!


….Smooches and see you all soon!



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